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Bio-Enzyme Cleaner is an all natural herbs enzyme based product

Bio-Enzyme Cleaner is an all natural herbs enzyme based product. This product works in harmony with the environment and provides the safest most effective solution for todays tough cleaning tasks.
Bio-Enzyme Cleaner is effective brick, stone,  ceramic tile,  wall board, sheet rock, plastic, leather or glass.
Bio-Enzyme Cleaner  is safe & effective, biodegradable & non-flammable, contains no chlorine, ammonia or any harmful chemicals.
Bio-Enzyme Cleaner  is all natural and fragrance free.
Bio-Enzyme Cleaner  help to reduce odours & greenhouse effect

Packing :500ml   

F.O.B. Price: RM 16.80



Always shake well before use. Do not apply disinfectants or sanitizers before or after use of

 Bio-Enzyme Cleaner because it will neutralize the bio-enzymes or bio-workers

Dispose mop water into drains or sinks after cleaning will enhance the bioactive action through out the plumbing lines.

Use 1-2 capfuls seep into 5 liters of water, no rinsing require